About Prime Salt Co.

About Himalayan Rock Salt

Prime Salt Company is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of the Himalayan Salt Products including Salt Lamps, Salt Blocks, Salt Tiles, Bath Salts, Gourmet Himalayan Salts and much more.

The vision of Prime Salt Company, as a leading himalayan salt exporter from Pakistan, is to become a global salt company which seeks to take lead in providing the finest and high quality of Himalayan Salt to its customers worldwide.

For centuries, the quality and purity of the Himalayan salt exports has been questionable. At our manufacturing facilities in Karachi, we manufacture a wide range of Himalayan Salt Handicrafts, including natural shape salt lamps, crafted salt lamps, natural shape candle holders/tea-light, crafted candle holders/tea-light, granulated himalayan salt, himalayan salt chunks, fine food grade himalayan salt, animal licks, himalayan salt tiles, himalayan salt bricks, himalayan salt plates and a wide range of custom produced products.

For Himalayan Salt Lamps & Himalayan Salt Candle Holders, we can manufacture these in hundreds of different designs & shapes as per requirements of the customer. Most popular shapes for himalayan salt lamps and himalayan salt candle holders include heart shape, diamond, mushroom, cross, bowl, ying-yang, ball shaped, globe, pyramid etc.

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