Himalayan Rock Salt Bricks & Blocks

Exporters of Himalayan Rock Salt Blocks & Bricks from Pakistan.

Himalayan Salt bricks: We have been supplying premium quality flawless salt bricks from more than a decade now, our salt bricks are from 100% food grade salt, we don't use ordinary Rock salt to cut our salt bricks.

We are the only company who can offer you assorted colours Himalayan salt bricks, we have major Five colours of salt bricks; Pink, orange, red, gray and white colours of Himalayan salt bricks.

We have capability to get you any colour salt brick in any size, we have had help many clients to build there salt room and salt spa.

Himalayan Salt Bricks and Tiles for salt rooms and salt spa, If you are looking for any other size/sizes of Himalayan Salt bricks or don't know how to calculate how many Salt bricks you need than, simply drop us an email at: export@pakistansalt.com

we would be very happy to help you!

Our Salt Cave

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