Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps Wooden Basket

Exporters of Himalayan Rock Salt Wooden Basket Lamps from Pakistan.

Its a beautiful handmade Himalayan Crystal Handy Crafted wooden basket with 100% original Himalayan salt chunks salt Lamp.

Lots of studies and researches shows that Salt Lamps are amazing things. These lamps provide to us unlimited benefits. One of the key benefit of Himalayan Salt Lamp is Negative Ions which protect us against the Positive Ions around us.

When we switched on the salt lamp after while when it get heated with its bulb light then it starts its work. Actually when it get heated then it start throwing Negative Ions around us which are makes the balance against Positive Ions and protect us against Positive Ions.

Now in modern days Positive Ions are everywhere around us. Its comes from TV, Microwaves, Mobile Phone Signals etc. These waves are not good for our health that's why we need salt lamp in bed room, sitting room, office and study room for our naturally good health.

Products Features

  • This product is make for a unique and beautiful gift.
  • Due to the nature of the natural salt, each crystal even the same size varies in the term of weight, shape and color. Variations 10% to 20%.
  • Primary quality, there is no slat in the world that compares to Himalayan salt in purity and beauty.
  • Hand curved to retain the unique, natural look of the Himalayan salt crystal.
  • Heating the slat with the blub create an effect similar to an ionizer these ionizing effect has many health benefits.
  • Heat for the light is dissipated within the salt.

Our Wooden Basket Lamps

Himalayan Rock Salt Wooden Basket Lamps of Different Shape.
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Himalayan Salt Cylinder Wooden Basket Lamp
Himalayan Salt Globe Wooden Basket Lamp
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